Tall, Dark, An Artist & Last, But Not Least, Father Of My Son, Red.

Anonymous: "Late night, mid day, am? Just say when."

Well..how about come off of anon , and we’ll talk about it :o just don’t troll me ;/ you prolly end up will..

stealing my uncles girl friends drinks cause I’m crazy like that..
Anonymous: "Your fronter on my bumper."

Alllll I want to do is lay in bed allllllll day

Anonymous: "Bra strap"

No bra plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’ll just hold onto yah

Anonymous: "Hol up.. I think you caught me in a moment."

Hold on to what?! :o

Anonymous: "Im wit it if youre wit it =P"

You first :) plz

No one in a fuxking three mile radius has a bike pump..fuck you guys.
My feet hurt
Anonymous: "Aint nutn between me n u but dis bikini ;D"

You ain’t wid it..

Anonymous: "X rated anon submissions!!"

Only if you’re up for it? :o ready set… ;D



I cannot even fathom how much I laughed at this

im catholic and thats hilarious
When you truly fall in love it always feels as though you have been resurrected. Intoxicated, and high on a cosmic cloud. Captivated by the unoriginal words that slips through their lips, as if you’ve heard it for the very first time.
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Hell yeah..

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Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.
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